Wellness Care – Kittens and Puppies


Just as the needs of infants are different than those of adults, young animals need different care than their older ones.

Like human babies, they are quite susceptible to parasites, infectious diseases, and dehydration. These conditions, which in older animals may only cause discomfort, can cause death in young animals.

We suggest you bring your puppy or kitten in to see us as soon as you obtain your new family member, even if your pet isn’t currently due for vaccines. At the initial visit we will develop a health plan for your puppy or kitten based on its specific needs. This tailored approach depends on your new pet’s overall health, breed, and his or her anticipated environment. If you adopted from a breeder, it is very important to find potential problems right away so that you can negotiate with the breeder.


We want to be a special part of your pet’s life right from the start. Ensuring a long, healthy, happy life is our goal.