Wellness Care – Adult Pets

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Regular medical care is the best gift you can give your pet. Wellness care helps ensure that your pet stays as healthy as possible, avoids becoming ill and lives comfortably.

Wellness care includes annual physical examinations and timely laboratory screening tests.

For adult pets younger than 7 years old, wellness appointments are needed at least once a year. These appointments include a discussion of your pet’s history, a thorough physical exam, intestinal and blood parasite screening, blood screening for early diagnosis of internal problems, and vaccines tailored to your pet’s lifestyle, health, and environment. Additionally, we will address the need for tick, heartworm and other parasite prevention for your pet.

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One our sayings is Senior at Seven! For pets 7 years and older, wellness appointments are needed at least twice a year, along with appropriate laboratory screening tests for seniors. Many common old age conditions, if caught early, can be treated to minimize bodily damage that cannot be reversed.

To protect the health of your pet and your family, routine laboratory assessment includes screening for intestinal parasites in pets of all ages, including indoor only pets.

In addition, regular comprehensive laboratory tests for pets are required to check for changes that signal abnormalities in the liver, kidney, pancreas, thyroid, and other body organs. Many problems can be successfully managed if detected early, before your pet shows external signs of disease.

An important part of well care is your pet’s individual medical and life history. This history helps our doctors understand how your pet is feeling and how he or she interacts with you at home. Please be sure to ask any questions or raise concerns regarding your pet during the appointment.

Laboratory screening, vaccinations, and parasite prevention plans are tailored to the specific needs of your pet. Their recommendations take into account a pet’s age, general health, prior vaccinations, living environment, travel history, and other risk factors. To help protect your pet and your family, heartworm and intestinal parasite prevention is needed year-round and tick prevention is needed from the first of March until the end of November.

Our staff will let you know when vaccine boosters and laboratory screening are needed, and we’ll send you a postcard or e-mail reminder.