Oral and Dental Care

All of us know about the benefits of routine dental care for ourselves. Daily brushing and flossing, and regular visits to the dentist, keep our teeth and gums healthy and comfortable. Unfortunately, routine dental care is still an often neglected item of dog and cat general health care. Pets need regular dental care, too. After your pet reaches a few years of age, plaque (bacteria) and tartar (hard deposits) begins to build up at the junction of his gums and teeth. If this plaque and tartar are not removed, it increases until it undermines the tissue and causes receding gums. The area then becomes infected. Infection leads to foul breath, as well as pain and a constant unsavory taste for the pet. If the situation is not soon remedied, severe gum infections, abscessed teeth and cheek ulcers will develop. Chronic infections of the teeth and gums result in problems elsewhere in the body as well. Bacteria enter the bloodstream from infected teeth and cause infection in organs such as the liver, kidneys, heart and joints. Good dental care lengthens pets’ lives an average of 1-2 years through the prevention of these secondary problems. Just as with people your pets will still require regular dental exams, and occasional dental scaling or cleaning (hopefully no extractions will be necessary). Under general anesthesia the teeth are cleaned with an ultrasound dental scaler much like the one your own dentist may use, and then the teeth are polished. Polishing smooths the surface of the teeth to help discourage future tartar accumulation. The benefits of anesthesia far out weights the small risk of anesthesia required for a professional dental scale and polish. We strive to find and treat dental disease early to minimize health care problems and associated pain for your pet (and added cost for you).Dental Brush
Dental Food Your pet’s regular wellness exams will include a complete dental exam. Should you notice a concern in the interim, we encourage you to bring your pet in to see us and we’ll take care of the problem. Home dental care is a significant part of well care for your pet. We are happy to demonstrate the correct technique for brushing. The clinic stocks a supply of dental care products for home use. Our services include:
  • routine prophylaxis (scale, polish & tissue assessment)
  • oral surgery
Like all of our services, dental and oral checkups and treatment are tailored exclusively to the needs of your pet. These exams and recommendations for treatment are based on the size, age, breed and health of your pet.